Azabache Tango

Tango Nuevo for String Quartet 

Video Description

Azabache Tango offers a new musical approach to modern day Tango.
The group, a traditional string quartet, performs its own original repertoire, which is deeply rooted in the popular music of the Rio de la Plata area.
Its extensive audiovisual material can be found on the group's YouTube Channel.
A studio album was recorded in 2021 and released on all digital platforms.

Listen to our album, available on all streaming platforms!

Katharina Deissler

Born in the Black Forest of Germany, she obtains her violin degree at the Conservatory of Leipzig. Attracted by tango music, she arrives to Argentina in 2011 where she begins to work at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.

Adriana Miranda

Born in La Paz, Bolivia, she settles in Argentina at an early age where she later studies at the National University of the Arts and starts working as a violinist in the National Symphony Orchestra.

Esteban Fioroni

From Olavarría, province of Buenos Aires. He receives his education in composition at the Argentine Catholic University, and in viola at the National University of the Arts. He currently works as a violist in the Juan de Dios Filiberto Argentine National Music Orchestra.

Bruno Bragato

Born in the City of Buenos Aires he studies at the Royal Conservatory of Liège (Belgium), to later continue his studies at the Conservatories of Brussels and Antwerp. He has worked as a cellist in the main orchestras of Buenos Aires.

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